Women and Education in the Long Eighteenth Century

Event podcast and film trailer now available!

Women made many valuable contributions to education in the long 18th century including working as teachers, governesses and instructing their younger siblings. Key components of their education included the arts, particularly but not limited to music. The Women and Education in the Long 18th Century (WELEC) workshop aims to bring together historians, artists, musicians and anyone interested in this broad but important subject.

The workshop took place in collaboration with the Glasgow Women’s Library, a vibrant information hub housing a lending library, archival collections, and contemporary and historical artifacts relating to women’s lives, histories, and achievements. The organisation aims to create a vibrant platform between researchers, arts practitioners, and the general public. The Glasgow Women’s Library host a number of different events across the city and are keen for further proposals for collaboration working across a variety of mediums including literature, performing arts, visual arts, heritage, film, politics, and dialogue.

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